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Last update 01/10/2007 00:00

All the information in this page relates to uniform average time periods: 1981-2000 for temperature and humidity, and 1970/1971 -1999/2000 for rainfall. 
Nevertheless, there are exceptions, as follows:
Haifa - the temperature and humidity data were taken from the Haifa Bay station for the period 1987 to 2000. The rainfall data were taken from the Haifa Harbour station  for the entire 30 year period.  
Kibbutz Massada - the rainfall data are for 1975/1976-1999/2000. 
Sedom - temperature and humidity are for 1983-2000.
Beer Sheva - temperature and humidity were taken from the Beer Sheva  West station (Nahal Hazerim). The rainfall data were taken from the station at the Negev Institute in the city centre  (280m above sea level) –  i.e.  the station that reports the hourly observations and daily rainfall data.

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