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Climate Extremes In Israel

Following are some climatic extremes in Israel (excluding Mount Hermon):

The following data are taken from the archive of the meteorological centre unless indicated otherwise:

  • The highest temperature ever recorded: 54°C, at Tirat Tzvi, on 21/6/1942.

  • The lowest temperature ever recorded: -13.7°  at Tel Hatanim in the Beit Netofah Valley on 7/2/1950.

  • The highest  annual rainfall ever recorded was at Meron - 1673mm during  the rainfall season of 1968/1969.

  • The highest  monthly rainfall ever recorded was at Meron - 744mm in January 1969.

  • The highest daily* rainfall ever recorded was at Mount Carmel - the Technion  - 272mm on 9/12/1921**.

  • The rainiest seasons: 1991/1992 and  1968/1969 in the north of Israel.

  • The driest  seasons: 1998/1999 and 1950/1951.

  • The highest wind speed ever recorded (averaged over 10 minutes) was 65 knots (120 km/h), at Har Kenaan (Zefat) on 12/3/1953.

  • The highest wind gust ever recorded (brief 2-3 seconds) was 86 knots (159 km/h) at Jerusalem on 20/1/1974.

*A day of rainfall starts at 8 o'clock in the morning and ends at 8 o'clock in the following day.
**from: Katzanelson, I., The Climate of Israel by Region, Meteorological Service, Bet Dagan, 1983.

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