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Published date:   20/10/2015

This station was established in December 1949, and since then has been on the same rooftop of the Generali Building (which can be distinguished from afar by the statue of the winged lion holding the tablets of the commandments), situated in the eastern part of Jaffa street, not far from the Old City.
The fact that the station has been in the same place for more than 50 years allows the use of its data for investigating changes occurring over time.

And indeed, the vast wealth of climatic data presented on the website is based on the observations of this station.  It should, however, be remembered, that the station is on the eastern side of Jerusalem, and in an area that experiences great variation in the amount of precipitation from west to east.  Therefore, the precipitation average recorded by the station does not satisfactorily represent the amount of precipitation in the western part of the city (which has greater precipitation).
In January of 1993, an automatic observation post was installed at the same location which provides data every 10 minutes.  The computerized gauges for temperature and relative humidity are installed in the same meteorology box (Stevenson screen) that houses the regular thermometers.  The computerized rain gauge is located adjacent to the standard rain gauge.
The computerized wind gauge is located on a shack whose base is higher than the roof level.  In January of 1974, the station’s mechanical-electrical wind gauge, a Monroe model, recorded a gust of wind of 159 kmh.  This is the strongest gust of wind ever measured in Israel.

The website displays the station’s data on almost every screen:  the hourly observations (including rainfall) are obtained from the automatic station, and since the 2015/16 rainfall season  the daily rainfall is also obtained from the automatic station.  The climatic averages are based on data from the manual observation station.

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