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The Meteorological Service, Bet Dagan


During the last few years, the public has shown great interest in meteorology, and specifically in the processes that influence the weather, and the connections between the weather and daily life. Each person, and society as a whole, needs climate information in order to prepare and plan all aspects of life, starting from the daily public weather forecast to climate information for different fields such as aviation and shipping , homeland security, agriculture and water allocation, industry and tourism, construction, litigation, etc.
In order to satisfy this interest, the Visitor Centre at the Meteorological Centre in Bet Dagan has been in operation several years providing an interesting and informative experience to visiting groups.

 Who is the centre for ?

Junior and senior high school students
Student and teacher groups
Employees from different sectors and retirees.
Up to 50 person may be accommodated for organized groups.

 What does the visit include ?

A description of the methods and tools used to prepare the regular weather forecast accompanied with explanations. A live demonstration of current weather by presenting pictures from satellites, synoptic maps, meteorological observational data from the national station network and forecasting centres around the world, forecasting models, and more.
Explanation about the different activities provided by the Meteorological Service.
A tour of the ground observation facilities and the radiosonde station (if the tour takes place during the release of the radiosonde).
Lectures on special meteorological topics by coordination in advance.

Working hours and scheduling visits

The centre is open Sunday through Thursday,
between 12:00- 14:00 during daylight saving time period.
Duration of the visit is approximately 2 hours.
The visit should be coordinated in advance 
Additional details may be obtained by e-mail to


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