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Upper Air Observations

Upper air meteorological data is measured with a radiosonde carried by a meteorological balloon. The radiosonde measures pressure, temperature, humidity and wind at various levels of the atmosphere, from the ground to a level of almost 30 km.
The upper air observation is performed twice a day, at 00:30 (01:30 DST) and 12:30 (13:30 DST), and measures the above data throughout its 90 minutes climb.
The data is then processed and disseminated worldwide via the WMO data network, and is now available on the IMS website.

The attached files show data of the last observation. Be advised that data of former observations is not saved and therefore cannot be accessed.
The file "Tephigram" shows the data in a graph chart.
The file "Table" shows the data in a table chart.

Note: make sure to check the date and time printed on the chart itself

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